Package Description

Commands - 
Unlimited Homes
/kit t4supplies
/kit t4daily
/kit t4weekly
/kit t4biweekly
/kit t4monthly

Keep XP on Death
Access To Previous Tiers
chat color and formating

PetBlock Perks
pet skins
plushy skins

Lapito's Galacticraft
Kits - 

Daily - 
1x Full Set of Obsidian Armor Protection 5 Unbreaking 5
1x Obsidian Sword Sharpness 6 Unbreaking 5
1x Obsidian Paxel Efficiency 6 Unbreaking 5
32x Iron Block
16x Diamond Block
16x Reinforced Metal
16x Enderium Ingots
8x Steel Block
32x Cryo-Stabilized Fluxducts
8x Diamond Platings
2x Magic Beans
32x Hardened Block (Tier 5)
16x Yellorium Blocks
1x Advanced Emergency Kit
16x CheeseBurger

PVP Only -
16x Conventional Grenade
16x Repulsive Grenade
16x Attractive Grenade
4x Nuclear Explosive
32x Breaching Explosive
64x Condensed Explosive

Weekly - 
1x Full set of T4 Thermal Gear
2x Environmental Protection Oxygen Tanks
1x Oxygen Gear
1x Oxygen Mask
2xCrude Oil Bucket
1x Ultimate Energy Cube
1x Ultimate Fluid Tank
32x Pure Fluix Crystal
32x Fluix Crystal
2x Nether Star
2x Ender Storage Ender Chest
2x Ender Tank
16x Enderium Plates
16x Signalum Plates
8x Compressed SDHC-120 Alloy
16x Metallum Vis Crystal
16x Perdito Vis Crystal
8x Speed Upgrade
8x Energy Upgrade
2x Resonant Upgrade Kit
1x Signalum Satchel
8x Compressed Steel

Bi-Weekly - 
10x Mob Fan Upgrade height
10x Mob Fan Upgrade Width
10x Mob Fan Upgrade Distance
10x Mob Masher Upgrade Looting
10x Mob Masher Upgrade Fire Aspect
10x Mob Masher Upgrade Smite
10x Mob Masher Upgrade Bane of Arthropods
10x Mob Masher Upgrade Beheading
10x Mob Masher Upgrade Sharpness
4x Mob Fan
4x Mob Masher
4x Iron Spikes
1x Cursed Earth
64x Coal
4x Endoflame
4x Thermalily
1x Pure Daisy
2x Mana Spreader
1x Mana Pool
1x Runic Altar
1x Petal Apothecary
16x Mana Diamond
16x Mana Peral
16x ManaSteel Ingot
32x Floral Fertilizer
1x Lexica Botania
1x Alchemy Catalyst
16x Black Lotus
4x Rune of Air
4x Rune of Earth
4x Rune of Fire
4x Rune of Water
4x Rune of Mana

Monthly - 
1x T4 Rocket
25x Advanced Launch Pad
1x ME Drive
10x 64k ME Storage Cell
4x ME Controller
10x 64k Crafting Unit
10x Crafting Co-Processing Unit
128x ME Dense Smart Cable
64x ME Glass Cable
8x Molecular Assembler
16x Dense Energy Cell
1x ME Fluid Terminal
1x ME Interface Terminal
1x ME Terminal
1x ME Pattern Terminal
1x ME Crafting Terminal
1x ME security Terminal
2x Biometric Card
1x ME IO Port
6x Inscriber
64x Acceleration Card
64x Capacity Card
64x Crafting Card
64x Blank Pattern
5x ME Interface
6x ME Export Bus
6x ME Import Bus
4x Crystal Growth Accelerator
1x Shield Controller
2x Totem of Undying
1x Creative Wireless Ultimate Terminal

Kits - 

Daily - 
10x OmniPenny
6x OmniNickel
4x OmniQuarter
2x OmniDollar
5x Hamburger

Weekly - 

to be made

Bi-Weekly -

to be made

Monthly  -
6x 64k ME Storage Cell
1x Creative Wireless Crafting Terminal
1x ME Security Terminal
1x ME Fluid Terminal
1x ME Interface Terminal
1x ME Patteren Terminal
1x ME Glass Cable
1x Dense Energy Cell
4x Energy Cell