Package Description

Commands - 
15 homes
/nick (with Colors and Formatting)
/kit t3supplies
/kit t3daily
/kit t3weekly
/kit t3biweekly
/kit t3monthly
Access To Previous Tiers

Petblock perks
vehicle skins

Lapito's Galacticraft
Kits - 

Daily -
1x Full Set of Desh Armor Protection 5 Unbreaking 4
1x Titanium Sword Sharpness 5 Unbreaking 4
1x Diamond Paxel Efficiency 5 Ubreaking 4
32x Diamonds
32x Aluminum
8x Block of Iron
16x Yellorium Blocks
32x CheeseBurger
64x Jungle Wood
2x Advanced Emergency Kit
32x Signalum Fluxduct
8x Diamond Plating
32x Hardened Blocks (Tier 4)
8x Ardite Ingots
8x Cobalt Ingots

PVP Only -
8x Attractive Grenade
8x Repulsive Grenade
16x Conventional Grenade
2x Nuclear Explosive
16x Breaching Explosive
32x Condensed Explosive

Weekly - 
1x T3 thermal suit
1x Heavy Space Suit
1x Oxygen Gear
1x Oxygen Mask
2x Heavy Oxygen Tank
1x Elite Energy Cube
2x Quantum Entangloporter
1x Atomic Disassembler
16x Energy Upgrade
16x Speed Upgrade
64 refined Obsidian Ingot
2x Signalum Upgrade Kit
16x Electrum Plates
16x Herba Vis Crystal
16x Ordo Vis Crystal
1x Reinforced Satchel
4x T3 Heavy Duty Plate
16x Calculation Processor
16x Printed Calculation Circuit
16x Engineering Processor
16x Printed Engineering Circuit
16x Logic Processor
16x Printed Silicon
16x Printed Logic Circuit
16x Annihilation Core

Bi-Weekly - 
1x Advanced Smelting Factory
1x Advanced Purifying Factory
1x Advanced Crushing Factory
1x Electrolytic Separator
16x Stargate Ring Block
14 Stargate Chevron Block
2x Stargate Base
2x Stargate Controller
2x Stargate Iris Upgrade
2x Stargate Chevron Upgrade
2x IC2 Stargate Power Unit
2x OpenComputers Stargate Interface
64x Naquadah
28x Chiseled Blood Rune
8x Obsidian
4x Glowstone
1x Blood Alter
1x Dagger of Sacrifice
1x Sacrificial Dagger
1x Blood Tank Tier 5
1x Divination Sigil

Monthly - 
1x T3 Rocket
16x ME Dense Smart Cable - Fluix
16x ME Glass Cable - Fluix
1x ME Drive
16x ME Controller
1x ME Pattern Terminal
10x 64k ME Storage Cell
16x ME Interface
4x Molecular Assembler
16x 64k Crafting Storage
32x Acceleration Card
1x Creative Wireless Crafting Terminal
1x ME Crafting Terminal
16x ME Import Bus
16x ME Export Bus
1x Crafting Co-Processing Unit
1x Central Processing Unit (CPU) (T2)
1x Engineer's Blueprint Crafting Components
1x Engineer's Blueprint Metal Press Molds
1x Engineer's Blueprint Common Projectiles
1x Engineer's Blueprint Arc Furnace Electrodes
1x Engineer's Blueprint Specialized Projectiles

Kits - 

Daily - 
10x OmniPenny
5x OmniNickel
2x OmniQuarter
1x OmniDollar
5x Hamburger

Weekly - 

to be made

Bi-Weekly -

to be made

Monthly  -
6x 16k ME Storage Cell
1x ME Drive
1x ME Crafting Terminal
1x ME Glass Cable
1x Dense Energy Cell
2x Energy Cell