Package Description

Commands - 
15 homes
/nick (with Colors and Formatting)
/kit t3supplies
/kit t3daily
/kit t3weekly
/kit t3biweekly
/kit t3monthly

Kits - 
Access To Previous Tiers

Daily - 

16x Yellorium Blocks
16x Reactor Casing Core
32x Signalum Fluxduct
8x Diamond Plating
32x Hardened Blocks (Tier 4)
8x Signalum Fluxduct
8x Ardite Ingots
8x Cobalt Ingots
8x Conductive Iron Ingots
8x Iron Alloy Ingots
8x Pulsating Iron Ingots
16x Bacon Mushroom Burgers

PVP Only -
8x Incendiary Grenade

Weekly - 

8x Compressed Steel
8x Speed Upgrade
8x Energy Upgrade
2x Signalum Upgrade Kit
16x Electrum Plates
16x Steel Plates
16x Herba Vis Crystal
16x Ordo Vis Crystal
1x Reinforced Satchel
32x Blank Slate
4x T3 Heavy Duty Plate

PVP Only -
4x Incindiary Explosives
4x Condensed Explosives

Bi-Weekly  - 
16x ME Dense Smart Cable - Fluix
16x ME Glass Cable - Fluix
1x ME Drive
3x ME Controller
2x ME Pattern Terminal
2x 16k ME Storage Cell
1x ME Interface
2x Molecular Assembler
2x 16k Crafting Unit
1x Crafting Co-Processing Unit
16x DU Plating
16x Elite Circuit
8x Advanced Wafer
8x Graphite Blocks
1x Central Processing Unit (CPU) (T2)

Monthly - 

1x Obsidian Sword (Sharpness IV, Unbreaking IV)
1x Obsidian Paxel (Efficiency IV, Unbreaking IV)
1x Light Space Suit Helmet
1x Light Space Suit Chestplate
1x Light Space Suit Leggings
1x Light Space Suit Boots
2x Oil Buckets
1x Combiner
1x Osmium Compressor
1x Purification Chamber
2x Elite Tier Installer
2x Heavy Oxygen Tank
12x Thermal Cloth