Package Description

Commands - 
10 homes
/nick (with Color, without Formatting)
/ec or /enderchest
/kit t2supplies
/kit t2daily
/kit t2biweekly
/kit t2monthly
Access To Previous Tiers

Petblock perks
can wear your pet as a hat
player head skins

Lapito's Galacticraft
Kits - 

Daily - 
1x Full Set of Diamond Armor Protection 4 Unbreaking 3
1x Diamond Sword Sharpness 4 Unbreaking 3
1x Steel Paxel Efficiency 4 Unbreaking 3
32x Gold Ingot
32x Iron Ingot
16x Aluminium Ingot
16x Diamond
16x Cheeseburger
16x Bronze Ingots
16x Refined Obsidian Ingots
8x Yellorium Blocks
8x Reactor Casing Cores
32x Redstone Energy Fluxduct
16x Iron Platings
32x Hardened Blocks (Tier 3)
8x Electrum Ingots
8x Invar Ingots
8x Manasteel Ingots
1x Emergency Post

PVP Only -
4x Attractive Grenade
4x Repulsive Grenade
8x Conventional Grenade
1x Nuclear Explosive
8x Sonic Explosive
8x Breaching Explosive
16x Condensed Explosive

Weekly -
1 set of T2 Thermal Gear
2 Medium Oxygen Tank
1x Oxygen Mask
1x Oxygen Gear
1x Inscriber
2x Bucket of Crude Oil
1x Diamond Wand
1x Elite Energy cube
1x Advanced Emergency Kit
64x Enriched Alloy
32x Reinforced Alloy
16x Compressed Steel
8x Speed Upgrade
8x Energy Upgrade
2x Reinforced Upgrade Kits
16x Lead Plates
16x Nickel Plates
16x Silver Plates
16x Aer Vis Crystal
16x Terra Vis Crystal
1x Hardened Satchel
32x Blank Slate
4x T2 Heavy Dute Plate

Bi-Weekly -

1x Full Set Space Suit
1x Basic Crushing Factory
4x Module Toggler
4x Upgrade: New Era
2x Coal Engine
1x Upgrade: Cart Crane
1x Cart Assembler
1x Cargo Manager
1x Upgrade: Manager Bridge
128x Track
1x Reinforced Hull
4x Junction Rail
16x Advanced Detector Rail
2x Detector Junction
4x External Distributor
64x Block of Coal
2x Thermal Engine
1x Basic Drill
1x Basic Farmer
1x Liquid Manager
1x Large Railer
1x Internal Storage
1x Harden Wood Cutter

Monthly -
1x Tier2 Rocket
9x Rocket Launch Pad
1x ME Crafting Terminal
16x ME Dense Smart Cable
16x ME Glass Cable - Fluix
1x ME Drive
2x ME Controller
10x 16k ME Storage Cells
1x ME Interface
2x Molecular Assembler
4x 4k Crafting Storage
1x Crafting Co-Processor
4x ME Import Bus
4x Export Bus
1x Ultimate Energy Cube

Kits - 

Daily - 
10x OmniPenny
5x OmniNickel
5x Hamburger

Weekly - 

Bi-Weekly -

Monthly  -
1x ME Glass Cable
4x 4k ME Storage Cell
1x ME Terminal
1x ME Drive
1x Energy Acceptor
1x Energy Cell