Package Description

Commands - 
5 homes
/nick (no color or format)

Use these commands to access your kits -
/kit t1supplies
/kit t1daily
/kit t1weekly
/kit t1biweekly
/kit t1monthly

Petblock perks
vanilla block skins

Lapito's Galacticraft
Kits - 

Daily - 
1x Set of Prot 3 Unbreaking 2 Iron Armor
1x Desh Sword Sharpness3 Unbreaking 2
1x Bronze Paxel Efficiency 3 Unbreaking 2
64x Wood
8x Gold Ingot
8x Diamond
16x Glowstone Ingot
4x Reactor Casing Core
8x Iron Plate
16x Basic Circuit
8x Basic Wafer
16x Hamburger
8x Block of Coal
16x Iron Ingot
16x Redstone Dust
4x Yellorium Blocks
32x Hardened Fluxduct
32x Hardened Blocks (Tier 2)

PVP Only -
2x Attractive Grenade
2x Repulsive Grenade
4x Conventional Grenade
4x Debilitation Grenade
4x Breaching Explosive
8x Condensed Explosive

Weekly - 
8x Compressed Steel
8x Printed Circuit Board
8x Raw Circuit Board
8x Transistors
4x Speed Upgrade
4x Energy Upgrade
2x Hardened Upgrade Kits
16x Copper Plates
16x Iron Plates
16x Tin Plates
4x T1 Heavy Duty Plates
16x Aqua Vis Crystal
16x Ignis Vis Crystal
1x Basic Satchel
16x Blank Slate
32x Glowstone Torch
4x Advanced Bin
1x Advenced Energy Cube
2x Crude Oil Bucket
2x Light Oxygen Tank
1x Space Emergency Kit
1x T1 Thermal Padding Suit
1x Oxygen Gear
1x Oxygen Mask
1x Frequency Module

Bi-Weekly -
1x full Light SpaceSuit Set
1x Gas-Burning Generator
1x Full Ultimate Gas Tank of Hydrogen
1x Ultimate Pressurized Tube
16x Basic Plating
8x Graphite Blocks
8x Annihilation Core
8x Formation Core
8x Fluix Blocks
8x Certus Quartz Blocks

Monthly  -
1x T1 Rocket
2x Elite Fluid Tank
9x Rocket Launch Pad
2x Filled Fuel Canisters
1x Elite Energy Cube
1x Electric Arc Furnace
2x Electric Compressor
1x Oxygen compressor
1x Refinery
4x Oxygen Collector
1x Calculation Press
1x Engineering Press
1x Logic Press
1x Silicon Press
3x Acceleration Card
1x Inscriber
8x Oxygen Concentrator
1x ME Chest
1x 16k ME Storage Cell

         Kits - 

Daily - 

5x Hamburger
10x OmniPenny

Weekly - 

4x Steam Dynamo
1x Energy Cell
16x Conductive Iron Energy Conduit
1x Dense Infinite Water Source
16x Ender Fluid Conduit
64x Block of Coal
1x Augment: Boiler Conversion
3x Augment: Turbine Conversion

Bi-Weekly -

to be made

Monthly  -

1x ME Chest
1x 1k ME Storage Cell
1x Inscriber
1x Engineering Press
1x Logic Press
1x Silicon Press
1x Calculation Press