Package Description

Commands - 
5 homes
/nick (no color or format)

Use these commands to access your kits -
/kit t1supplies
/kit t1daily
/kit t1weekly
/kit t1biweekly
/kit t1monthly

Kits - 

Daily - 

32x Wood
8x Gold Ingot
8x Diamond
16x Glowstone Ingot
4x Reactor Casing Cores
8x Iron Plating
16x Burger
8x Block of Coal
8x Iron Ingot
8x Redstone Dust
4x Yellorium Blocks
32x Hardened Fluxducts
16x Concrete
32x Hardened Blocks (Tier 2)

PVP Only -
4x Debilitation Grenade

Weekly - 

8x Compressed Steel
8x Printed Circuit Board
8x Raw Circuit Board
8x Transistors
4x Speed Upgrade
4x Energy Upgrade
2x Hardened Upgrade Kits
16x Copper Plates
16x Iron Plates
16x Tin Plates
4x T1 Heavy Duty Plates
16x Aqua Vis Crystal
16x Ignis Vis Crystal
1x Basic Satchel
16x Blank Slate

PVP Only -
4x Thermobaric Explosives

Bi-Weekly - 

16x ME Dense Smart Cable - Fluix
16x ME Glass Cable - Fluix

1x ME Drive
1x ME Controller
2x Inscriber
2x 1k ME Storage Cell
2x 1k Crafting Unit
1x Crafting Co-Processing Unit
16x Basic Plating
16x Basic Circuit
8x Basic Wafer
8x Graphite Blocks
8x Annihilation Core
8x Formation Core
8x Fluix Blocks
8x Certus Quartz Blocks

Monthly - 

1x Obsidian Sword (Sharpness II, Unbreaking II)
1x Obsidian Paxel (Efficiency II, Unbreaking II)
1x Glowstone Helmet
1x Glowstone
1x Glowstone Leggings
1x Glowstone Boots
2x Light Oxygen Tanks
2x Oil Buckets
1x Pulverizer
1x Enrichment Chamber
1x Metallurgic Infuser
2x Basic Tier Installer
12x Isothermal Fabric